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SMARTmoves | APRIL 2020 | VOLUME 4 | ISSUE 4

SMARTmoves | APRIL 2020

+ Create Your Own Hummingbird Haven
+ Homeowner Tip: Leaky Faucet
+ How to protect yourself & others from COVID-19
+ Thai Glazed Chicken
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April 2020 – Monthly Statistical Update for California Real Estate

April 2020 – Monthly Statistical Update for California

Recession anticipation send rates down, refinances up
+ A negative yield spread forecasts a 2020 recession while FRM rates hit record lows.
+ Fixed Rate Mortgage rates hit record lows
+ Refinances to continue their rise

Posted on April 2, 2020 at 12:04 AM
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Housing Perspective: COVID-19 Market Impact | March 2020

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The East Bay Real Estate Advisor | March 2020 | Spring Buying & Selling Season in Full Swing

March 2020 | Spring Buying & Selling Season in Full Swing

  • Value-Boosting Renovations for Your Home

  • Is Downsizing Right for You? 

  • Take 5: Reasons to Maintain a Phone-free Bedroom

  • 10 First-time Home Buyer Tips

  • Your Checklist for Buying a Fixer-Upper


Posted on March 10, 2020 at 11:28 PM
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Stratified Real Estate Markets – How They Impact Buyers & Sellers

When deciding on offer strategy and price, make sure you’re comparing your potential home
to the right type of properties in the relevant neighborhoods
How Stratified Real Estate Markets Impact Buyers & Sellers

Stratified real estate markets may sound confusing, but don’t let terms like stratification scare you.  It is simply taking an area like a city or region and dividing it out into similar or equal sections.  For real estate, you can take a city or neighborhood and break it out by the value of houses or specific house types.

The reason you want to do this is to help determine if you are about to enter into a buyers’ market or a sellers’ market.  By looking at your target area in stratified segments, it can help you to make a decision on whether it is time to buy or sell a home, or wait until the market changes to your favor.  Ready to learn more?  Here is how to stratify your area and determine what you should do if you’re looking at buying or selling a home.

What is a Stratified Market in Real Estate?

A stratified market in real estate is when you take a city and divide it into classes based on home value and type.  Because homes in many cities can have drastic differences in price (they can range between $20,000 and $1,000,000+), the buyer base and housing availability for that base can change making it harder to determine when to buy or sell.  The same can be said if you have condos vs. homes for families with kids, and what types of home buyers are moving in and out and at what pace.

To get a stratified market, start by looking at what the value of the home you want to buy or sell is.  Next take a random sampling of houses that match both the price range and type (single family, row houses, condos, beach homes, etc…) and look to see how many are on the market.

Now look to see how long they’ve been on the market, if the prices keep going up, stay steady, or have been getting marked down.  Now you know if the type of property you’re looking to buy is in demand (a sellers’ market), or if there are more for sale then there are home shoppers (a buyers’ market).

Using Stratification To Determine When to Buy or Sell

Once you have the area you want to buy or sell a property in broken out into groups, you can determine if you live in a buyers’ market or sellers’ market like we outlined above  If you are looking to buy a single family home for $250,000, but keep hearing it’s a sellers’ market, check first to see what is actually selling and what isn’t moving much.

It could turn out that there is demand for luxury homes over $750,000 that are on a golf course or the beach.  Within that same area, the homes which are close by the beach but not directly on the water, and that are in your price range may not have moved.  That means the luxury real estate market is for sellers and the regular price range is a buyers’ market.  That is why you may hear one real estate agent say it’s a sellers’ market and another say it’s a buyers’ market.  Both may be true, depending on the real estate market stratification.

By creating stratified groupings, it turns out that the luxury markets are for sellers because you have overseas investors buying them up, wealthy people moving to your area for work, or any number of reasons.  But a nice home that is within your price range, and stratified group, is a prime investment and now is the perfect time to buy.

These types of examples are more common along the coastal cities in Florida, where I grew up,  or California, where I live now, where it is easier for people in other countries to buy properties as investments in the USA and let them sit.  They want the land on the coast where their money can be stable while other people are looking for a place to live that is safe and has desirable amenities like schools, dog parks, and all of the things which would cause someone to want to live there.  But it also occurs in the midwest, the south and other regions of the United States.

If you’re looking to find out whether you should buy or sell, start by using stratification.  Once you have a stratified real estate market, it’ll be easier for you to determine what your next move should be.  Buy or sell a home, or wait for the right time when you can get the best bank for your buck based on your needs.

What you need to know as a seller in a stratified market

As a seller, you’ll similarly want to look at what segment of the market your home falls in, since this can help you and your real estate agent come up with the best pricing strategy.

Make sure you’re basing your asking price on homes that are similar in location, size, condition, and finishes, and of the same property type. In my market in the East Bay, homes that are underpriced will be corrected by the market within a short time frame (fix-flip), while overpriced homes will languish before inevitably having their price cut or being withdrawn.

Understanding the patterns and trends of your current real estate market will help you and your agent come up with an effective marketing strategy, and ultimately help you sell your home at the top of its value.



Seller’s markets: What they mean for buyers and sellers

If you’re in a seller’s market, then demand outranks supply. There are more buyers on the market than there are listings, and buyers see tough competition for the few homes that are available.

As a buyer, this isn’t the ideal market. You will probably come up against other offers and may find yourself in a bidding war (or several). You also may need to up your offer, waive contingencies, or make other moves to ensure your bids are attractive to sellers. Overall, it may take you longer to find a home that fits within your price range.

As a seller, this is the prime time to sell a home. You might be able to increase your listing price a bit. And as long as your home is in good condition, you can pretty much have your pick of buyers. You can also expect your property to sell fast, and you may be able to avoid some hassles in the process. Waived inspections and all-cash offers are more common in seller’s markets.


Buyer’s markets: What they mean for buyers and sellers

If you’re in a buyer’s market, supply outweighs demand. There are more listings available than there are buyers, and sellers need to work harder to market and offload their homes.

As a buyer, that’s a good thing. You’ll probably have your pick of listings, and you might be able to negotiate more as well. You won’t come up against many bidding wars, either, so you could see a faster, smoother transaction on the whole.

As a seller, conditions aren’t great. Selling in a buyer’s market will probably take a little longer, and you might not get the price you’re hoping for in the end. You’ll need to be willing to negotiate, get creative with your marketing, and maybe even throw in some concessions (like the cost of repairs or new appliances) to motivate the few potential buyers who are out there.


Here’s what the general conditions look
like under each market.

In buyer’s markets:

  • There are lots of listings and homes for sale
  • Few people are looking to buy a house
  • Sellers are more willing to negotiate
  • Home prices have dropped or are dropping

In seller’s markets:

  • Inventory is low and listings are scarce
  • There’s lots of buyer demand and competition
  • List prices are rising
  • Bidding wars and multiple-offer scenarios are increasing
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California R.E. Monthly Statistical Update (March 2020)

Slowing sales and unmet housing demand | carlosfcamargo.net

+ California home sales volume down slightly in 2019;

+ Home prices level off going into 2020; &

+ Construction declines in 2019, despite rising demand

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SMARTmoves MARCH 2020 | VOLUME 4 | ISSUE 3

SMARTmoves | MARCH 2020 | VOLUME 4 | ISSUE 3 |
+ Spring into Your March Home Maintenance
+ Homeowner Tip: Make a Plan and Get Prepared
+ A Wee Bit of Knowledge for St. Patrick’s Day
+ March is National Berries and Cherries Month – Celebrate with a Triple Berry Cobbler
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The Real Estate Advisor: February 2020 | carlosfcamargo.net

The Real Estate Advisor: February 2020 | carlosfcamargo.net

+ The Difference Between Home Warranty & Home Insurance
+ Prep Your Pets for the Big Move
+ Take 5: How to Get Ready for Retirement
+ Down Payment Myths Debunked


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H o u s i n g P e r s p e c t i v e | January 2020

Housing Market Outlook – Slight Improvement in 2020

Despite having a double-digit decline in the first half of the year, California home sales only dipped slightly in 2019 as low interest rates boosted the market in the last six months of the year. With the average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) dipping more than 100 basis points from the prior year for three consecutive months at the year-end, buyers became more motivated to get back in the market and lifted sales up.
December sales were up strong from 2018 with a jump of 7.4 percent, the largest increase since November 2016. For the year as a whole, there were 397,910 existing single-family homes sold in California in 2019, a drop of 1.2 percent from 402,640 units in 2018.
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The Real Estate Advisor: January 2020

Did you know plants clean the air? Three good-sized plants will work wonders for an average living room.

Some projects get bigger bang for buck – Remodeling master bathrooms and kitchens may preoccupy home sellers, but they aren’t necessarily where owners can recoup most of their money. Sellers recover, on average, about 60% of their kitchen and bathroom renovation costs, according to the 2019 Remodeling Impact Report from the NAR and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. “You’ll never get dollar for dollar out of the renovation,” Baisden says. For sellers on a tighter budget, Baisden advises starting with projects such as painting and flooring. Set a budget of about $2,000 for the painting and $4,000 for flooring. Another worthwhile project is decluttering. If painting the whole house isn’t an option, prioritize painting the front door where buyers walk in and parts of the house that are in high-traffic zones, including hallways, entryways and kitchens, he says. Don’t overlook outside work. Sellers can recover about three times the cost of $300 spent on a lawn and seeding service, says Lautz, who stresses the strong selling points of a well-maintained lawn. “It’s really curb appeal at the end of the day.”


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