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How Do You View Homes in the Market Today? Let’s Talk The PEAD

How Do You View Homes in the Market Today?

Let’s Talk The PEAD

As we head into a new month and a new season, let’s talk about what is new in real estate and how it is impacting buyers and sellers: the PEAD. We are sure by now you know that real estate has been deemed an essential service by the Department of Homeland Security as an integral part of our country’s critical infrastructure. But do you know how that looks in actuality? Here is a brief summary…

The largest industry change in the current environment pertains to how homes are shown. Open houses and broker tours are not allowed, but individual visits and private showings are available when all parties sign the ‘Property Entry Advisory And Declaration (PEAD).’ This form is not only legally required, but is part of the overall Prevention Plan that the California Association of Realtors® has outlined for agents. The PEAD must be completed by every person entering the property including clients, appraisers, inspectors, stagers, contractors, repairmen and even buyer’s agents for each home that they enter. Think one form per property.

Please let us know if you have any questions about how transactions look and feel today! We are always here to serve as your eyes, ears and feet on the ground in for East Bay real estate.

You may view a copy of the form in full HERE.

The key points include acknowledgement of ‘Risks of Exposure’, ‘Stay At Home Orders’, Representation & Agreement’ and ‘Agreement, Declaration & Assumption of Risk’.


While this may sound intense, there are two key things to note.

  • First, the guidelines outlined and acknowledged in the PEAD are designed to demonstrate care for the health and well-being of all members of our community. While it may sound intense, it is also important for our industry to disclose any potential risks in the spirit of transparency, and provide alternatives for those who seek them – such as pre-recorded tours and live virtual showings.

  • Second, completion of the PEAD form appears to be acting as a sign of true buyer interest; only those who are seriously shopping are completing the necessary steps to tour homes.

And interestingly enough, many Bay Area homes are  receiving multiple offers amidst the active shelter-in-place orders.

Low inventory and pent-up demand can be a recipe for sellers success and buyer perseverance, as the concept of home is cooking up to be more cherished than ever!

Please let us know if you have any questions about how transactions look and feel today! We are always here to serve as your eyes, ears and feet on the ground in real estate.



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When it Comes to Buying a Home, Pets Are One of the Family

2 out of 3 pet-owning home buyers would forgo their perfect home if it wasn’t right for their furry friend.

It’s no surprise that people will go to extremes to make their pets comfortable, and buying a home — often the largest financial decision most people ever make — is no exception. A recent survey by realtor.com found that more than two-thirds of pet-owning home buyers would forgo their perfect home if it wasn’t right for their furry friend.

A home is so much more than a roof and four walls. It is where family and friends come together and memories are made. The results of this survey reinforce that our pets are our family and an important part of what makes a house a home.

The results are based on an online survey conducted in March of more than 2,000 people who planned to purchase a home in the next 12 months and are fairly consistent with a similar survey realtor.com conducted in August 2018.

Most home shoppers are pet owners and they are shopping with their pet in mind

Of those surveyed, 82% of the respondents identified themselves as pet owners. Dogs were the most common pet (61%), followed by cats (45%), fish (12%), and birds (9%).

Of those home buyers who own a pet, nearly 95% indicated that the needs of their faithful companions would be at least a somewhat important consideration during their home search. Approximately 84% ranked their animals’ needs “extremely important” or “very important” in their home-search (55% and 29%, respectively). Less than 5% said their needs were unimportant.

The needs of their pets factored into the home purchase decisions of pet owners of all ages with 96% of 18- to 34-year-olds, 97% of 35- to 54-year-olds and 87% of 55+ buyers indicating that their animal would be at least a “somewhat important” factor during their home search.

Although one might think that dogs and cats might influence a home buyer’s decision more than non traditional pets, that’s not the case. While 87% of dog and cat owners said their pets’ needs were extremely important or very important during their home search, 89% of bird owners, 85% of fish owners, 80% of reptile owners, 79% of rodent owners and 74% of horse owners, indicated their pet would factor into their decision.

If it’s not right for their pet, it’s not the right home

Pets’ needs play such an important role in buying a home, more than two-thirds (68%) of home buyers said they would “forgo an otherwise perfect home” if it did not meet their pets’ needs. Those aged 35 to 54 were most likely to pass on a home if it wasn’t right for the pet (72%), compared with 66% of buyers between the ages of 18 to 34 years old and 51% of those 55+.

Although people with children (71%) felt more strongly that the home needed to accommodate their pet than people without children (59%), pet owners across the board – including fish, rodent and reptile owners – said they would pass up an otherwise perfect home if it didn’t meet their pets’ needs.

A yard and outdoor space rank high for pet owners

Home buyers were asked to rank the three home features they considered to be the most important for the needs of their pets. The top five features were: A large yard (38%), any outdoor space (29%), a garage (24%), a dog run (22%), close proximity to outdoor spaces (21%) and large square footage (20%).

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Do Less, With More Focus – Your Focus Determines Your Reality

Always remember: Your Focus Determines Your Reality

Your focus determines your REALITY

We must be like Qui-Gon. Begin each day acknowledging our surroundings, focusing our thoughts, journeying inward to recognize what fears, what doubts, what demons are present within us.

Focus on them.


Calmly but decisively say to them,

“I am in control. I will not be defeated.”


It takes this focus, this discipline, this awareness of ourselves to engage fully in the world around us. If we focus on the negatives, if we let fear drive our actions, then our reality is one of suffering and resentment. We become stuck on autopilot. We go through the motions. We seek distractions so we never have to be alone with ourselves. An unfocused mind is fear’s greatest ally.

Those precious moments when I wake, I embrace the stillness and the quiet. I allow myself time to focus internally and reflect on how I am feeling. I prepare myself mentally for the day’s fight. Staying focused in the present gives me the freedom to choose my actions and my thoughts.

Inspiring, Educating, & Empowering Clients when Buying or Selling a Home

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Buying and Selling a Home in This Pandemic | carlosfcamargo.net

Buying and Selling a Home in This Pandemic https://lnkd.in/gPUtMcv

Home Sweet Home Welcome Mat On Wood Floor. Visit: carlosfcamargo.com for a free home value report from Homebot.com or visit carlosfcamargo.net to view properties in the East Bay that might appeal to you and serve your needs.

Navigating the real estate market was already intimidating, but in this uncertain time, we all have even more questions about how to do it. We asked you, our readers, to share your biggest concerns, which we then passed on to Vince Malta, CEO and broker of San Francisco’s Malta & Co. Malta — who is president of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) — channeled his 43 years of experience to offer advice about buying and selling in this strange new environment. Wherever you are in your real estate journey, start with a Realtor®, a member of NAR, whose expertise can help you find the right path.

LOOKING TO BUY OR SELL A HOME? www.carlosfcamargo.net


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What You Can Do to Keep Your Dream of Homeownership Moving Forward

What You Can Do to Keep Your Dream of Homeownership Moving Forward 

Home Sweet Home Welcome Mat On Wood Floor.

Don’t put your homeownership plans on hold just because you’re stuck inside. There are several things you can do right now to keep your home search moving forward. Connect with a REALTOR®, like myself, to learn about resource programs for things like down payments, closing costs, and get pre-approved today through one of our lending partners.

Here are four things you can do right now to keep your home search on track, so you’re ready to go when the health crisis subsides.

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Moving During Coronavirus: 5 Tips For A Safer Move

Moving During Coronavirus: 5 Tips For A Safer Move

5 Tips For A Safer Move

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Animal House: Pets in the Home Buying and Selling Process

Animal House: Pets in the Home Buying and Selling Process

NAR’s Pet Survey shows how important four-legged friends are to home shoppers. A home purchase can be one of the largest a household makes. A number of factors must be considered throughout the home buying and selling process, including all members of the household, even pets. This report analyzes REALTOR® recommendations and actions taken by home buyers and sellers to best accommodate their pets and present their homes in the best light, despite effects from their furry family members.


Pet Needs Are Top-of-Mind for Buyers

Like people, pets have certain needs when it comes to the space where they live, and the National Association of REALTORS®’ latest Pet Survey proves they can be the deciding factor for buyers when choosing one home over another. In fact, REALTORS® are likely to be prepared to guide clients in the right direction—the study found that 81% of members surveyed consider themselves animal lovers.

When it comes to the house your pet-conscious clients are looking for, the most frequent requests are hardwood floors and a fenced backyard. According to NAR research, 43% of households would be willing to move to better accommodate their pet, and are prepared to get rid of carpet or install a gate if necessary.

It’s also important for the neighborhood to be convenient, with buyers prioritizing being near dog parks, accessible sidewalks and grass, and quality veterinarians.

Let’s conquer East Bay Real Estate together!

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Let’s conquer East Bay Real Estate Together! | carlosfcamargo.net

Let's conquer East Bay Real Estate together! | carlosfcamargo.net

Inspiring, Educating & Empowering Clients When Buying or Selling a HomeLet's conquer East Bay Real Estate together!📭 Carlos.Camargo@BHGhome.com☎️ (510) 798-5016🏠 #BHGReliancePartners🦸‍♂️ #REALTOR® #01988431🔑#BUY carlosfcamargo.net💰#SELL carlosfcamargo.com#SFBayArea #CarlosFCamargoPhD #homesales #homeprices #housingaffordability #housing #houseexpert #home #househunting #BHGRE #investment #RealEstateAgent #alamedacounty #happiness #thehelpfulagent #inthistogether #themoreyouknow #ExpectBetter

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The East Bay Real Estate Advisor | March 2020 | Spring Buying & Selling Season in Full Swing

March 2020 | Spring Buying & Selling Season in Full Swing

  • Value-Boosting Renovations for Your Home

  • Is Downsizing Right for You? 

  • Take 5: Reasons to Maintain a Phone-free Bedroom

  • 10 First-time Home Buyer Tips

  • Your Checklist for Buying a Fixer-Upper


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Warning signs that you’re looking at a money pit

Buzzing lights, steel pipes and sawdust piles – look out for these property red flags before you buy

In the 1986 film The Money Pit, a young couple buy a beautiful old home for a bargain price, only to watch on in horror as their dream house to turns into a complete nightmare. A staircase collapses, wiring explodes into flames and water shoots out from the clapboard walls while they sink hundreds of thousands into the renovation.

It’s probably a property investor’s worst nightmare and a stark warning to anyone about to embark on a renovation project.

Here are ten other red flags that the house you’re viewing is a potential money pit. You have been warned! carlosfcamargo.net
Weak foundations — Ideally, you’re looking for a structure with a steel-reinforced concrete perimeter foundation wall and footing – the beauty of a building won’t matter if its foundations are unstable.
Missing shingles — A building’s roof is its front line of defence against adverse weather conditions. A poorly maintained or leak-prone roof can spell serious structural trouble down the road. Damaged or missing shingles are a cause for concern and the biggest cause of water damage in homes, despite being easily avoided. For these reasons it’s recommended that you always have an in-depth inspection carried out before you buy, even if the roof appears in good working order.
Wonky walls — It might sound obvious but it’s so important to check that walls are straight, squared-away and solid – if they are leaning or bulging in any way then this is a big red flag.
Warped windows — Take a close look at the property’s windows to ensure that all seals are well-maintained and intact as well as confirming that they all open and close correctly to rule out warping. If the house doesn’t have double glazing, factor in this cost to your overall investment.
Sloping floors — Floors should be flat, level and robust as any unevenness could be caused by poor structural setting. If the floor feels springy then this could indicate that the floor joists will need extra support.
Cracks — Large v-shaped cracks in the foundation are often serious signs of structural issues that may require expensive repair work. Look for cracks inside – if the interior bears any diagonal or clean, jagged cracks this can be a sign of movement or settling, usually caused by unstable soil or drainage issues
Steel pipes — Beware old houses with steel pipes as these are prone to problems with build-ups, deposits and poor water pressure flow. Copper pipes are much more reliable. If you notice any piping that looks in need of TLC, ask more questions about the problem. How long has it been like this? Has a plumber been called out?
Leaky guttering — Guttering should carry water away from the house and be graded to direct any runoff away from the foundations to avoid any potential weakening of the structure.
Flickering lights — Aside from the financial risk, dodgy wiring could prove to be dangerous so it’s even more important to pay due care and attention before you commit. Buzzing or flickering lights could be a sign of faulty wiring – make sure you ask the sellers about any known and existing problems before you move forward with the sale.

Piles of sawdust — Look out for signs that you’re not the only occupants of the house. If you see piles of sawdust near the skirting board it could be a sign of carpenter ants. Floors that buckle or sag, loose tiles and pinpoint holes in drywall are visual clues that there might be a termite problem. Keep an eye out for frayed wires, rodent droppings near waste points and check the attic for birds nests as all of these will have to be dealt with immediately by costly professionals.
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