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GARDENS FOR THE EAST BAY: California Native Plants Guide


Short, mild, rainy winters and long, dry summers make up the distinctive climate of the Bay Area. When winter rainfall is low, drought typically occurs. The most recent drought has made national headlines due to its duration and severity.

The region’s wet winters and dry summers contribute to the unique mediterranean climate experienced in the Bay Area. The regions surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, the western Cape Province of South Africa, central Chile, southern and western Australia, and California are the only locations on Earth which support this climate.

Many native plants have adapted to this particular climate by developing means to survive the long, arid summers. These

adaptations include small, light-colored leaves with oily surface textures that trap water within the plant, and dense roots systems that store water underground.

When compared with garden plants from regions with summer rain, drought-adapted plants require much less water and

maintenance. This saves homeowners money and time while also conserving water for other purposes.


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