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Ways to Thrive in a Seller’s Market | carlosfcamargo.net

5 Ways to Thrive in a Seller’s Market 

1️⃣ 1 Treat your hunt seriously. House hunting must be your priority, not your weekend hobby. Check new listings regularly, be prepared to drop everything to view a home when it hits the market, and be ready to make a quick decision.
2️⃣ 2 Bring paperwork, not promises. Want to be taken seriously by the seller? When you visit homes, bring a mortgage pre-approval letter and a “proof of funds” form from your bank showing you have enough to cover the down payment.
3️⃣ 3 Consider waiving what-ifs. Homebuyers often include contingencies when making an offer so they won’t lose their deposit if, for example, the home doesn’t pass inspection. Waiving contingencies could help you close a deal, but this definitely is not a move for the faint-hearted. To gauge your risks, consult your Realtor® and check www.realtor.com/ advice/buy/what-really-happens-when-you-waive-contingencies.
4️⃣ 4 Don’t play hardball. This isn’t the time to try to lowball on price. Bid aggressively—while still staying within a monthly budget you can afford.
5️⃣ 5 Widen your search. You’ll increase your chances of finding a property if you’re willing to consider homes outside your ideal neighborhood and houses that may need some remodeling or renovations.
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